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What are the Conditions for Changing/Transferring a Domain Registrar?
How can I get the DNS changed for my Domain Name?
Should I Order a .com or a .org?
How do I register my domain with Hosting Stargate?
How do I transfer my domain name to Hosting Stargate?
Can I host multiple domain names in a single hosting plan?
Do you offer URL forwarding for domain names?
Will my name and contact info be made public?
How can I tell if a domain name is available?
Can I have more than one domain name for my website?
What is a DNS
I just registered a domain name and it is showing as available!
Are there any restrictions on what name I can register?
Why should I register a domain name?
What will happen if I transfer my domain name?
What is a URL?
What is an IP address?
Breach and Revocation
Representations and Warranties
Agents and Licenses
What is our Limitation of Liability Agreement?
What are Hosting Stargate's Use Policies?
What is your Dispute Policy?
What are the Domain Terms?
Are domain name registration fees refundable?
I made a typo in my domain name. Can I get a refund?
How do domain names work?

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