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Register your Domain Name with us!

It's just that simple.


(This is applicable for inbound and outbound requests)

1. No outstanding bills or payments to original registrar
2. Domain must be older than 60 days
3. If the domain name is scheduled to be renewed in less than 60 days,
.... transfers will be denied

Domain Fees
As consideration for the domain name registration services provided by Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate , you shall pay all applicable initial registration fees and renewal fees. We register your new domain and you agree to pay us for the first 1st year of use upon registration and then you agree to pay the annual renewal fee per year after that for every year that you use the domain. You will be notified when renewal fees are due, and it shall be your responsibility to ensure that such fees are paid. If you do not respond or pay within the specified time period for registrations or renewals or if you have the charges reversed on your credit card after ordering the domain (even though you ordered it),  the ownership of the domain will transfer to Gabriel Associates, Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate.  You agree that Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to any such cancellation, and that Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate may cancel or reassign the domain name in the event of any delinquency. We reserve the right to refuse any domain registration request at our discretion. All domain registration fees are non-fundable.  Once the domain is ordered, we can not get your money back if you change your mind or if you provided us with a "misspelled" domain name in error or register a vulgar or lewd domain name.

Clients that host their domain name will us will receive the member fee rate of $21. If you do not host your domain name with us, you will be required to pay the premium registration and renewal rate.

To complete the registration process, you must read and agree to to all terms and conditions of this Agreement, the accompanying fee schedule and dispute policy, and any rules or policies that are or may be published by Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate. You acknowledge that Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate may modify this Agreement if necessary to comply with its Agreement with the registrar, or for any  other business purpose.

Domain Management
Domain names that are registered through Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate are managed by Hosting Stargate and Domain Stargate. Please
contact us for dns changes, EEP codes as well as any other information regarding your domain name. Transfers will be approved if the domain name is older than 60 days, and if the Client has no outstanding fees due to this company. (If the domain name is scheduled to be renewed in less than 60 days, transfers will be denied.)


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