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Will there be banners or advertising on my site?
How will the hosting charges appear on my credit card?
What is your Satisfaction Guarantee?
Who do I contact for billing questions or issues?
If I sign up, when will I receive my access information?
How do I cancel my account?
What level of support do you provide to total beginners?
Where can I get training on using cPanel?
Do you have a Hosting Glossary that I can access?
Do you have a section that I can view regarding editing with Frontpage?
Where is the Hosting Forum Located?
Is there a minimum contract for Hosting?
What Server Hardware do you use?
How much Disc Space and Bandwidth do I need?
Do I get extra scripts with my plan?
Do you offer FTP access?
Can I make backups?
Is my Macintosh computer compatible with your hosting plans?
What is the response time for support?
What happens if I don't have enough funds for my hosting?
What Control Panel do you offer with hosting?
Does the server support Frontpage?
Does the server support Audio and Video files?
What software can I use to create Real Audio and Video files?
I am currently hosted by another company and already have a domain name. Can I have my site hosted by you instead? How do I change my domain to point to your servers?
How do I track my disc space and bandwidth usage?
Will I have unlimited access to my cPanel, editing my site and uploading?
Can I use my hosting account for commercial purposes?
How will my payment be processed?
What payment methods do you accept?


If you have questions that are not listed in this section please contact us! We will be more than happy to address any issues or concerns you may have.


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